Learn and Share believes that we best assimilate and utilize language skills in an environment suited to both our needs and desires. “Needs” represent what we require a language to do for us––communicate with a client, get that job interview, or travel to a foreign land. Desires, on the other hand, correspond to what, in our most leisurely moments, we care most about––literature, sports, music, art. These things already occupy and drive our thought processes and those of us at Learn and Share have come to recognize them as an area rife with possibility. By combining what’s necessary with what’s simply desirable, we believe students experience the optimal combination for learning English. When a new language satisfies our passion for, say––music or science, then it mixes itself with that part of us which never forgets (when was the last time you forgot your favorite thing?). That combination––love and necessity––insures that learning a new language fits you––your greatest hopes and joys––with what you also need to remember. Email us today and let us design your program for expressing your greatest joys in English!

Becoming a good, upstanding member of society is a responsibility shared on many fronts. For instance, some people believe strongly that parents alone shoulder that responsibility to instill in their child the foundations for true citizenship. Others, however, see parents as contributors to their children’s lives in general, moral instruction, and that it is up to society’s institutions––the schools––to instruct and facilitate obedience to the government. In my view, a parent’s place is more to nurture, than to instruct, to support and encourage rather than to dictate to the children how they should become good members of society.

Blessie Cabbiness