Business English

Learn & Share offers business English courses to enhance your English grammars, vocabulary and spelling in business world. There is a fierce competition in the global market today. With an English expert from Learn & Share, we help you excel above your competitors. We will help you the language tools you need to be successful in the English speaking community.

General English

General English courses cover topics you are interested in and wish to discuss. They will be catered to fit your specific needs. Each lesson will help you enhance your listening and speaking skills while enjoying your favorite topic. For instance, if you are planning to travel to an English speaking country, Learn and Share will help you prepare for the possible words and expressions you will encounter throughout your travel. Cultural differences and expectations will be discussed, as well, further preparing you for an enjoyable trip.

Tutoring English

For students who have difficulty with writing an essay, understanding novels, plays, poetry, books or have a grammar question, Learn & Share is the right place for you. Even if we haven’t read what you’re reading, we are willing to read it with you!

The time taken to review your book, poem, novel, or article needed for the tutorials is free of charge. Just be sure to give us ample time to look at your materials before classes start.

Topics include

  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary and spelling
  • grammar lessons
  • Literature
  • Essay writing

Writing Services
We offer writing services that includes copy-editing your novel, proofreading your thesis and editing your business report. Also, we offer editing or writing articles for your website, brochures, business presentation and business letters. You can contact us anytime for questions and clarifications before paying.

Free Services

The time taken to review your books, poetry, novels and other types of guidelines or worksheets we need for tutorial is free of charge. Send it to us through email or through skype a day before classes starts.

Contact Us 
Contact us anytime if you are interested to study or you have a question about Learn and Share and our services. All classes are performed online. You will need to have one of the following devices: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, as well as an earphone with a microphone to use in each session. Skype and FaceTime ae preferred mediums of communication (note: Facetime only works with Apple devices of the last 2-3 years).

Upon contact expect a reply after 12hours. A tutor from Learn and Share will get back to you to arrange any available schedule and payment options.

*Note: No refunds will be given for missed classes. However, makeup classes may be offered within the same week, if the schedule allows. Cancellations for a class should be within six hours of your class time (preferably 24 hours). Notification less than 2 hours before your class begins is considered a missed class.